Summer is on Its Way


Summer is on it's way, my dear piggies. Are you starting to sweat and stink already? Of course you are. I on the other hand am a princess and will not be effected by the weather, as you commoners are. I have acquired an air conditioner, and now require one of you piggish brutes to pay for it. How will you afford one? Oh my I don't know. By not getting one for yourself this year I suspect. And if you own one you will be expected to sell it. Immediately. My lovely sweaty pig will suffer all summer for me, knowing that his Princess Kathy is quite comfortable instead. Once a week until the end of August the purchaser will be permitted to send me a picture of his sweaty, hot suffering which I promise will be seen, laughed at and maybe even replied too. SWEATY PIGGY WILL RECEIVE ONE SWEATY SHIRT, 1 PAIR SWEATY SOCKS AND ONE PAIR SWEATY PANTIES

Quantity: 1
Size: M-L
Bra size: 38DDD
Condition: Worn many times


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