Dick Rating 101 Tips For Models $4.99

Dick Ratings are my #1 most sold store Item! I even have members coming back for a second, third and even a fourth. I genuinely enjoy seeing what other people are packin' which is why I think I enjoy doing these, but a lot of models ask me what I include in a dick rating. My rating are anywhere from 4-10 minutes long because of a simple step-by-step routine I use to rate. After you purchase this - msg me on snapchat "ddestiny_diaz" and I will send you an audio reply with my mini consultation/tips. If you are buying this for a model- please pass this info along to her and have her let me know your username so I can confirm your purchase.

lets talk dickkssssss

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palejane Jun 20

OK, now I'm super curious!! <3

KCatBBW Jun 9

Okay so I had my consultation with Destiny yesterday/this morning and it was so amazing and thorough. I have experience in dick ratings, but Destiny really just NAILED it. I was amazed at some big and small things that I just never thought of to include in my ratings. She's so personable and will answer ANY questions that you may have. It's literally a talk about dicks and it's awesome! You come out of it knowing more than you did before from the QUEEN of dick ratings. What more could you ask for?! 10/10 - Destiny rocks. A great gift for models. Boys, remember that you can gift these to your favorite girl. Thanks so much, girl. ***

Another great idea Destiny! I have always wanted to start Dick Ratings but was a little nervous to try lol! I will probably have to get this since all your Tips & Tricks are so awesome💗

I just had my Dick Rating 101 consultation with Destiny and it was SO SO SO GREAT! This was the best gift to wake up to. We basically just had an awesome time talking about DICKS! Destiny went through her complete process of rating dicks, let me ask any questions and chatted about why rating dicks is just THE BEST. I'm so excited to do my first dick rating now (and then ALL the dick ratings in the future! YAY!). If you're a model and you're not sure what to do in a dick rating, or just want to know how Queen Destiny does such amazing ones, then you should get this! Guys, if your fav model doesn't offer dick ratings yet, gift them this and make her day (plus increase your chances of getting your dick rated by your fav hottie AND knowing that she's chatting with Destiny all about :cock::cock::cock:!!!!!!!!!!!)
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!