Buy A Foodbox!


Your support feeds me!

Goodfood Boxes are a subscription-based meal delivery system.

It delivers enough ingredients for me to create three meals of 2 portions basically I can make ONE Goodfood Box into SIX nights of food!

I love these boxes because they spark my passions for cooking, new textures, new smells, AND getting mail... ALL AT ONCE...not only that, but having a regular diet of healthy, top-line, organic food....which in turn helps my mental health stability, which makes me a better sexworker & content-producer, which makes you CUM MORE AND BETTER!!

Supporting my food boxes are a Win-Win-Win all around!

*******PLEASE NOTE*******

I have cut the price from its original $80 down to $40 in order to encourage more supporters, HOWEVER the FULL WEEKLY COST of ONE Goodfood Box Delivery is STILL $80, so if you want to cover a FULL DELIVERY BOX, please 'buy' two!

Thank you!

Quantity: 1000
Condition: New


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