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Hi! Once you purchase my snapchat all you need to do is MV Message me your username. I will then send you a request along with a photo for you :) You'll then be permanently added to my snapchat unless you break my ONE rule! That rule is to never give out my snapchat username to anyone and to never screenshot and post those on social media (with my username). I don't mind if you take screenshots, just please keep them to yourself! Thanks and enjoy!!!

Quantity: 82
Condition: New


Username sent in pm

Purchased a week ago, PM’d my info and nvr rec’d access.

Username in PM

Username in PM

Kvasir81 Sep 30

Username send in pm 😜

Username send in pm

kylemc54 Sep 29

Just bought kmcglone54

kylemc54 Sep 29

Is this  a month

Username send in pm

Hi Jenny! I just purchased your private snapchat, my username is gguusg, anything esle you need?

Hey I sent you a pm about purchasing your snapchat.

Joeyb119 Jul 25

Purchased this today, sent a pm with username. Let me know what else is needed, thanks!

Is that for lifetime?

Jmo112 Jul 16

Hi jenny I just purchased your snapchat super excited to finally see your shows my username is julius.sieg

What is the date of purchase I don't see it in my earnings, that would be most helpful! Thanks!

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