MV Sweater $29.99

NEW MV Gear:This comfortable one of a kind oversized MV Sweater is perfect for you! Lounge around in your cozy sweater and enjoy your day in comfort and style!

Quantity: 14
Size: M-L
Condition: New


Rory V May 12

This would probably be too big for me but I’d still wear it.

Hookahqueeen Mar 31 2018

Please make bigger sizes! I’m dying for some MV gear. 😩

Lyra Fae Dec 9 2017

Would also be happy to see some smaller sizes added! I like my sweaters to be a lil snug, XS would be great! :)

Aria Wood Oct 12 2017

This sweater in a baby blue with pink and white MV lines would be SUPER CUTE! White just gets dirty so fast especially if you want to fuck in it 🤷🏼‍♀️. You guys should ponder about expanding the colors and possibly the sizes! I'd love to wear this sweater to class while it's snowing outside 😍

Arikajira Oct 7 2017

Like everyone else has said, larger sizes are NEEDED we don't want just the socks to be the only items of clothing that we can fit into, MV, you need to listen to the voices of your models

Heel2toeaction Sep 22 2017

agreed... would love this if they made them in bigger sizes! pretty please mv!

Khaleesi420 Sep 19 2017

I'd buy this if you ever make a 2x! <3

KCatBBW Aug 3 2017

i want this so bad. can some bbw sizes be added?

CambrieCain Aug 2 2017

Such a cute sweater! I'd love larger merch too!

Magpie Kent Jul 14 2017

BBW make you money, the least you can do is offer merch in BBW sizes!

Hidori Jul 12 2017

Problem is these won't look big and comfy unless you're like 50 kilos tops. Even not all non bbw can't rock this in this single size. I agree, we need bigger sizes and I'm sold!

LilithRoseXxX Jul 4 2017

Bigger sizes pleas!!! Should go at least to 4x.. BBWS want merch too :/

KittyTease deleted Jul 4 2017


Bigger sizes please. BBW is always in the top 3. We want merch too.

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