Treat Me: Dinner $24.99

Pretty self explanatory - I am a BBW and I plan on continuing to being that way.

Want to spoil a chubby girl? Buy her food! Want to send money for wings, donuts and other snacks? Here's your chance to feed me. I will put food towards a delicious food that I am craving. Sending $25.00 will certainly cover my lunch or dinner tab!


If you purchase food through here and select the add on feature "A sexy note signed by me", that will act as a VIDEO of me eating the food that you purchased. I will upload it as a custom video that you can access it. You will ONLY receive that video if you purchase it as stated above! That cost is an additional +$19.99 (Total with food money and video is $44.99!) *Nothing will be shipped to you. Disregard that option - it will reflect as if you are purchasing a printed media item!*

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Condition: New