Used panties


I have them for many years and I want you to enjoy them. Before shipping them, I'll wear this panties for as much as you like (12-72 hours).

Remaining: 1
Condition: Dirty



Edgordo Jan 26

Interested. Still available??

Hey sweetie 🫶🏻 I’d like to buy your items so that I massage 🥰could get a serious buy quickly message me 
via K.i.K username : davissdennis
my t.e.l.e.g.r.a.m:@Davissden
My S.n.ap.c.h.a.t:- dendevis
I will be here for your messages me onS.K.y.p.e alexiacollins23

hi sexy, I'm interested in your panties. Do you have photos of ones I can choose from? Love to have you wear them for 72 hours and soak them with your cum.

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