Worn and played in panties $15.99

I sell my retro full panties, wearing and playing in before I post out - rubbing over & play with wet pussy, sealing in a bag and then envelope If wish to have them special delivery next day in the UK please tick ✅ ‘ a sexy note by me’ For European speedier delivery add normal postage plus tick ✅ ‘Make panties dirty with pussy juice ’ charge For international its standard parcel postage add normal postage plus tick ✅ ‘’seal item in bag’If you like panties please add comment to wall - as appreciation for doing this happily offer discount on the next item for sale you buy Anna x

Quantity: 0
Size: M-L
Condition: Worn only once or twice


Courtesanannabel Oct 28 2017

Yes I do, let me add on postage

tyrellll Aug 30 2017

do you ship to the U.S. ?

Courtesanannabel Jul 24 2017

Fancy buying my panties ? The photo of them is just an example but have different colours

Browniebig Jan 4 2018

Wowowow ;)

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