What is MV StarLight?

MV StarLight is a fun offshoot of our flagship publication, MV Mag, that lets us showcase amazing MV Stars with pics and interviews. MV StarLight is unique in that it gives total creative control to our MV Stars to create their own photoshoots.

ManyVids will publish three (3) MV StarLights per month, and fans will have the chance to cast one free vote and paid votes to crown one MV StarLight of the Month who will win $250 and get the official MV StarLight of the Month badge on their MV Profile. Plus, all MV Starlight photosets will appear on our dedicated MV StarLight Page, which will give those MV Stars year-long exposure.

We invite submissions for high quality pics that follow these guidelines. But first, one more exciting benefit: The MV Marketing Team could select your MV StarLight submission for publication in MV Mag!

How to Submit

  • Pics must be a minimum of 72 dpi with a width of at least 1000 pixels.
  • Select 8 or more high quality pics from the same photoset. You may take the pics yourself or have a professional photographer take them for you.
  • Make sure to only send us the original pics, without cropping, photoshopping or watermarking.
  • Please include your photographer’s name in your submissions.
  • We encourage holiday themed photos, but make sure to submit them well in advance of the actual holiday!

Lastly, submissions are only open to MV Stars , so if you’d like to submit to the magazine, Join FREE and make an MV Star account first.

We are pleased to give all our MV Stars the opportunity to get prime exposure on ManyVids with their own exclusive photoshoots and personal interviews. Interview questions will be sent to selected candidates only.

It’s your time to shine! Start sending in your MV StarLight submissions right away!

MV Team