Little Maid Squirts for Daddy

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After a long day of cleaning for daddy, I fuck my tight little pussy with a thick enjoy, and squirt for Daddy.

jalepenopussy Apr 2 2016

The fans requested it and once again Sammy delivered! This is a salacious showcase of squirts from a girl who equal parts adorable and deviant. Sammy truly is the epitome of a sweet, submissive "little" and she will make you wish she was your own personal maid. This video shows off exactly how eager Sammy is to please her Daddy Dom (you are gonna wish if was you so bad dude). As for the meat and potatoes... Sammy is both a creamer and a squirter... WHAT?! You get the best of both worlds here and when she lets it rip you better grab and umbrella because it gets seriously WET! The sound of the toy penetrating her tender juicebox is the pièce de résistance to what is already an incredible visual experience. Grab this video is you love sweet girls with extra wet pussies and you will not be disappointed! 11/10