Little Maid Squirts for Daddy

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After a long day of cleaning for daddy, I fuck my tight little pussy with a thick enjoy, and squirt for Daddy.

whatastorymark Apr 2 2016

I counted the amount of squirts she did, big and small, twice. I counted in my mind and then used a click counter app on my smartphone. The number is the same, Sammy squirted 62 times. If you want to prove me wrong, watch this video. The price is very fair, the brevity compared to her other videos sacrifices nothing in terms of quality. She goes straight for the njoy playing with her vagina and sprinkles in daddy talk so expertly. The squirts happen in rapid succession, and she wastes no time to make the floor wet for daddy. Personally I had to pause a bunch of times because the hotness level was really high and I didn't want to lose myself too early. Pacing is important to last through this amazing scene. As a foot man, her body and camera's position give way to great foot shots, a bonus for me personally. One will notice the bush peaking out, looking very fine. As a sexy little maid, she wears a cute little apron. Her legs are a sight to behold during the whole video, and the camera quality is top notch. Thankfully it was able to handle all the hotness and wetness. The results of her squirting can be seen at the end, very voluminous. Top of the line video.

62 times dammit.