Custom - Jan 2017

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Custom video (with anal


BEST IGNORE VIDEO EVER!... I like the freeuse genre but I love great freeuse porn. I love great porn period... I digress. What makes freeuse/ignore genre so amazing is that it subverts the male domination tone in porn because the woman is really in control. On the surface it looks as if the man is using her but in actuality it's the woman allowing the man to use her that makes us cum... Now onto this video in particular. First, Alexxis is so pretty. She's a blonde goddess with Disney princess eyes and with plump lips that are pouty in this video adding to the whole annoyed and ignore aspect. She's petite but thicc in all the right places, a black man's dream lol. Her butt is nice and plump. Alexxis nails the all the facial expressions of someone who is annoyed and ignoring the person trying to fuck them. There is sexy then there is the nuances of sexy and Alexxis body position, movements, facial expressions and even her tone when she talks in this video is filled with nuance and amazingly sexy. There are times when she looks at the male which is counter to the ignoring fetish but I think her looking at him is a factor of her having to turn her head to blow him and it's just physically impossible to continue watching her TV show while turning her head 90 degrees to blow him, but her determination to turn her head back or keep her eyes on the TV is unspeakably sexy. This is one of my favorite videos of all time and I hope that Alexxis decides to make more.