One Night in Vegas


American / California
●●●●● 5.0 (11 reviews)

I am so excited to spend a night with you in Vegas, I even picked out new lingerie!! After getting naked, I bounce on your cock cowgirl, and then turn around so you can get a nice view of my ass. Because you got us the hotel, I have no intentions of cumming quietly

DrVenture28 Jul 21 2017

Beautiful reveal at the 00:56 minute mark, I like how you opened your legs and closed them by letting them fall together back down to the sheets. Hats off to your twerking/riding skills I don't know if you are super flexible but it sure did look like it in this video, you look like you may have done some gymnastics or cheerleading in the past. I think this video should also have a "hair" or "hair fetish" tag. I was just as impressed with the front view of your riding (seeing your cute face and God crafted breast) as I was with the rear view. You're gorgeous pale skin contrasting with your very lovely, curly, long, jet black hair swinging left and right across your back only a few inches away from your PAWG ass... This is a pretty good video, I hope to find more of the things I like in this video in your other videos.