Abandoned Barn POV Facial at Sunrise

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FULLY SPONTANEOUS POV ORAL WITH CUM FACIAL - 1080p/60FPS - NO MAKEUP, ALL NATURAL] Come along and welcome autumn with me on a strange, new journey... Unable to rest and consumed with the desire for adventure, I couldn't help but tease my roaming mind with the possibilities of what wonders existed beyond my bedroom walls. Rushed with a surge of explicit excitement, I take you into the depths of my backyard - and further, well past our fence and into the neighbor's property. Rumor has it: there's an abandoned barn somewhere on his ten acres, being overrun by the world around it. (Something about trespassing really gets my heart racing...) Once we locate the decaying building, I take you on a tour of its interior - with a roof that's caving in and bats screeching behind us, it's difficult for me to summon thoughts of anything more exhilarating. Dropping to my knees with a beaming smile on my face, I begin to do what I love most: taking care of your precious cock. (Ironically enough, cocks are crowing for the entirety of this scene, indicating that the sun is fast approaching - with an early rising neighbor to match.) After tasting your sweet pre-cum, I sit back and stroke your erection towards my face. Nothing makes me feel more beautiful than a hot load. After fully painting me, we depart to find that the day is glowing as much as I am and scurry back to our home

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justdjackson88 Sep 3 2017

Great video with a great facial ending