My Son Got Me Pregnant ! Mom Taboo Fuck

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Brie White

American / Florida
2,185 5.0
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This video was one of the hottest I've seen. Great dirty talk and Brie looks incredible!

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Fucking awesome. Brie is a 10/10 roleplayer

Honey, we need to talk before your father gets home. I'm sure you remember the last time we fooled around and I got SO caught up, I let you cum inside me? It was hot, wasn't it. Well, something's happened: you got me pregnant. I didn't think it was possible! It took your father and I years to have you, but your cum was just so virile I guess it just happened. Don't worry, I'm going to tell your father it's his. It will be our little secret, a special bond between mother and son. Now for the good news... since you've already impregnated me, we can fuck whenever we want. Mm, that's right, son. I want you to blow your load in me over and over and over. And I think now's a good time to start. Come here, son. Mommy wants to feel your cum dripping out of her. I need your cock. If I beg, will you give it to me? /// THIS CLIP CONTAINS: TABOO - DIRTY TALK - ROLEPLAY - MOM - MILF - BIG TITS - POV - IMPREGNATION FANTASY - PREGNANT - COCK WORSHIP - CUM BEGGING - VIRTUAL SEX
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