Mommy 's Good Boy Taboo Virtual Sex POV

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Brie White

American / Florida
1,273 5.0
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Another fantastic roleplay from Brie White. She's the QUEEN of virtual sex. God damn.

How was your date tonight, sweetie? I'm glad you got home okay. You know, it's hard to believe you have a girlfriend now. Do you remember when you were little, how you used to tell me you wanted to marry me? Haha, you were so cute. What happened to that, hmm? You know, even though you're growing up, you'll always be a Momma's Boy. Do you still think I'm pretty, sweetheart? Tell me. Jealous? No! No, honey, I'm not jealous. It's just that your father isn't around very much and, well, I may be your mother but I'm still a woman. I have needs. Tell me, did you fuck her? I bet her tits aren't as nice as mine. Don't blush, you know it's true. I can see you staring at my cleavage. You want your mommy, don't you. You want to feel my hot, tight cunt. Son, I'm aching to be fucked. Aching to be used. Won't you please give Mommy what she needs? /// THIS CLIP CONTAINS: VIRTUAL SEX - DIRTY TALK - TABOO - MOMMA'S BOY - MOM - MOM/SON - BIG TITS - BOOB BOUNCING - POV - ROLEPLAY - MILF - BRIE WHITE
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