Amateur Strip Tease Dancing on Dresser

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284 5.0
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cenarules Dec 30 2014

hot and sexy what more could you ask for

TaylerTexas Oct 13 2017

Thank you!

Th3HornyGam3r Dec 9 2014

Great Vid. Good music and amazing hotness.

TaylerTexas Dec 9 2014

Thank you! :)

burgundy72 - Top reviewer Nov 7 2016
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Great strip! One of the best strips I saw here, highly suggested for the lovers of the genre. Excellent music choice. Tayler is very sexy (I like her so much), dances very well, and most of all she seems to enjoy it a lot! A plus for me was the sexy shoe removal, I felt in love with her when I saw that!

TaylerTexas Oct 13 2017

Thanks so much! I really did have a great time filming this video!

I'm dressed in a tiny floral sundress and high heels when the song "Blurred Lines" comes on. I start dancing and you can eventually see my cute sheer purple panties under my skirt. I dance around my room and tease you. The song ends and "Dark Horse" comes on. At this point, I'm in my matching bra and panty set. I'm on my dresser at this point, so into myself I don't care that I'm climbing on furniture. When I get topless, "Get Lucky" starts playing, and I don't stop dancing. By mid song, I'm completely nude and you even get some close ups and my pretty pussy. I finish the song out jumping up and down so my titties bounce and slapping a dildo on the front of my pussy lips. Very cute and amateur strip tease. Filmed in 2014
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