Commit to despair



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Commit to despair (A clip of your beautiful Goddess spiting poisonous words) Commit your future to becoming the biggest freak imaginable. You long to be the biggest loser. Debt feels amazing. Debt is the end game. Debt is the goal. Continue to edge your very tiny penis. Edge for hours. Edge until you’re brain dead. Become goon dumb. Edge and rub your very tiny penis until you can’t think. Become a horny, leaky, drooling, masturbating psycho. All you think about is tugging your very tiny penis. Pulling on your penis all day long, even while at work. The only thing you think about is rubbing your cock. Rub your cock endlessly. For hours. Months, years. Becoming the biggest masturbation addict is your goal. Hot brats know your secret. They will use it against you. Me saying this makes you want to touch your penis some more. Go ahead. Get addicted. Relapse for tits. Relapse for Ass. Relapse for my pretty face. Empress Jazzy owns your penis and your masturbation hand. You must ask permission with a monetary contribution if you wish to pump your cock. Cumming is the best feeling. Cumming is all you think about. Pulling your very tiny penis at the office. Can’t break free from your porn addiction, huh porn junkie? Let a wave of warm relaxation penetrate your body. From your head to your toes. You’re a limp dick for sex. But you can sure get erect for my poisonous humiliation. Stroke your little joke. Stroke your little joke. Become one with your very tiny penis. Commit to despair. Ruin your life for findom. Lose everything. Lose it all. Bratty girls control you. Become a giant freak. Become a fool for findom. Send me more. Pump away your 401 k and retirement fund. The orgasm won’t be the same unless it’s extreme. You need it to be extreme to cum hard. Look at all the cum. You’ve very tiny penis is building up a nice big load. It’s like a volcano. Picture a volcano. The pressure is building up. You feel it in your balls. Coming up the shaft, blasting out the tip. Covering your hand in your Loser juice. Lick it all up. Become gay. Learn to love the taste of sperm. Eating your own Sperm equals failure. Failure equals orgasms. Fail for me. Failing feels delicious. Failing feels amazing. Failing makes you hard. Become my biggest slut. Give in and suck cocks. Turn gay. Become a whore. Become a wallet. Become my bitch. Edge to fucking up. Get hard for humiliation. Pump to my venom. Stroke to my substance. Cum hard, cry. Repeat. Regret. Return. Relapse. It’s the Loser cycle. Relapse. Relapse. Commit to despair.