Rolling in My Dessert on the Floor WAM



American / Georgia
5:59 min - Oct 20 - .MP4 - 235.30 MB - 854x480


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I just finished shooting another WAM themed video and I am covered in chocolate. It just so happens that I have some other foods I want to play with, and since I'm already dirty, why not now?! This video includes lots of commentary. It begins with me nude on the ground pouring strawberry syrup on myself. I also have pink strawberry icing, and I smear that straight on my tits! I take a tube of blue icing and pour it up and down my legs before smearing it upwards onto my entire body. I roll around on the floor a little so that you can see my entire dessert topped body before getting together whatever is left and rubbing it on myself like lotion. Filmed in 2014
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