Your Dick Controls You. I Control It

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491 5.0
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JOIryder Jan 11
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Another awesome edge and denial from the woman who now totally owns my cock! I mean her cock...

Your dick controls you, and I control your dick. I own it. It’s not yours anymore. It’s MY DICK. And I think that’s fitting, because a masturbation addict like you shouldn’t have ownership of his own cock, because that’s how much of a loser you are. But I like it that way. I like knowing that you’re thinking about Me all day, sitting at your desk, your dick throbbing under your pants. You can hardly focus with Me on your mind. And as I’m in front of you now, you can’t help but to stroke yourself stupid for Me. And you know you won’t cum until I tell you so. But do you think I’ll allow it for free? You have two choices. Goon and goon until you have to stop with blue balls, and not be able to get Me out of your head for rest of your day and be rendered useless… or pay up so you can go about your day or your night. I own your dick. I own the rest of your day, because I own your dick. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: @ThePrincessMiki Website: