Please Fuck Me

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Jane Way

Canadian / Toronto
7,581 5.0
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trippyvic Apr 20 2016

ill fuck you hard baby

Blueeyes92 deleted Apr 7 2016
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Baby you made me squirt everywhere!!!

I'm so horny today. First, I make myself cum with my fingers as I suck on my dildo, spitting and drooling all over myself in the process. I rub it in and use it as lube, too. I jerk you off and spit all over,and gagging on my dildo, and then beg you to fuck me. In two different positions, I make myself squirt FOUR times, screaming as I do and pushing the dildo out of my pussy each time I cum and gush all over my sheets. At one point I look down, and then up, amazed, and say, "Baby, you made me squirt everywhere."