Freebie Tuesday

Showering After Playing In Chocolate



American / Georgia
8:59 min - Oct 21 - .MP4 - 151.63 MB


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I just filmed two WAM videos that included me getting COVERED in chocolate cake as well as a variety of other desserts like icings and syrups. I need to shower. I'm nude already,, and this video starts off with quite a bit of commentary. I jump in the shower, leaving the shower curtain open for you to watch. I peel off my chocolate and syrup filled stockings and show the camera. I'm still talking to you quite a bit. Most of the middle and end of the video, I am much more quiet as I concentrate on soaping up my body and cleaning all of the mess of off me. You get lots of views of me all over, including a few great ass shots. I use my pink loofah to soap my body up often, and you also get to watch me rinse off as the hot water from the shower slides the soap down and off of my body until I'm clean. Filmed in 2014
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