Naughty Nurse Cures Your Erection JOI

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1,372 4.7
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jkdoe91 Jan 15 2017
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WOW ms cakes is amazing this video was pure sexy spiciness!!! the acting,outfit and the sexy dirty talk was incredible!!
I came sooooo hard wow, one of my favorite videos she had done i hope to see more JOI videos like this with cum countdowns ;)

ponyplox Sep 7 2015
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Loved the joi and roleplaying. Would have been 5 star for me if a squirting dildo was used instead.

dylanrn Nov 4
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Nurse Cakes cured my of my problems! I will definitely be revisiting this clinic in the future.

Full HD 1080p. Oh dear, you've been feeling some stiffness and swelling in your penis and tightness and tingling in your balls for over 24 hours... luckily, nurse Cakes is here to help make it all better! First she asks you to describe your symptoms in detail and remove your pants and underwear so she can take a closer look at your swollen penis. Upon closer examination, she confirms that what you have is indeed an erection! But don't worry, she knows just the thing you need to help it go away ;). Using a realistic penis model, she gives you instructions on exactly what to do and shows you how hard and fast you should go, talking dirty and showing off her sexy body to get you more aroused... and then when you're ready, she gives you a countdown and tells you to cum nice and hard for her