Naked Hottie Chows Down +2lbs of Food

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2,160 5.0
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kinky4u - Top reviewer Feb 5
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love watching beautiful girls stuff their faces and damn is Julie fine

😁 thank you, boo!

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A beautiful girl eating food completely naked on her bed. I find that sexy.

This was so much fun to film because I legit do this all the time! Haha

In her first mukbang video, Julie Jay orders an INSANE amount of food and chows down while watching her favorite TV show naked. She destroys 1.5lbs of penne alfredo, an entire pizza, and tops it all off with lava cake and vanilla ice cream. She burps several times and by the time she's eaten it all, she can barely move. Tags: brunette, small tits, mukbang, food, food fetish, chewing, eating, eye contact, food, food porn, facestuffing / overeating, nudity/naked, solo female
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