Freebie Tuesday

Always Better Than Her


Kinky Kristi

American / Oregon
10:47 min - Mar 10 - .MP4 - 711.80 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Hello pet. Here you are... back again... and again... and again... Even after all of these years, you still come back to me every time. You crave me. You're addicted to me... and you always will be. Even though you have a girlfriend, you still come back to me and you always will. Why are you even still with her, pet? You know she will never anything like me. You are completely addicted to me... my ass... my tits... my hair... everything about me will always be superior to her. Always. Why do you waste your time with subpar women? You know everything you need is right here... and always will be. That's why you will continue to come back year after year... you can't forget me... you don't want to leave me... you are my pet for life. I will ALWAYS be better than her.