Collin Lust
Freebie Tuesday

A Loser Pays - 1080p HD

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Repeat. After. Me. "_ __ _________." you come to Me empty and you approach Me lacking. A blank slate, an empty bowl, worthless. The only thing that gives you any validation of existence is to be filled. Because you are empty. you do not stand alone; your only worth is to be connected to something worthy. you will never be cool, ever. I am the coolest, and you are a loser. Always. So, if you want to EXIST, you must hold something valuable. Like a fucking bowl. That's what you are: an object. A loser PAYS. Or else a loser does not exist. If you were unsure of whether you are or are not a loser, I will make that crystal clear for you in this video. My words cut deep to the core, and they drag cold hard truths out that will send you straight to therapy. Don't waste their time; the solution is to pay Me. People can smell the stench of worthless on you when you walk into a room. I will leave you confused, crying, and in love. Pay up, loser. Be relevant. Humiliation level: EXTREME