Take The Money or Cum


Princess Fierce

American / Fiji
10:39 min - Jan 29 - .MP4 - 1.01 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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It's approaching the end of the month and you are sitting in my apartment. You are feeling determined to return to your wife with my rent money. Quite frankly this doesn't phase me much, I'm confident in my power and know I can break your resistance with my teasing. Once I get your dick hard, I'll get my way! As I begin teasing all signs point to you weakening. I pick up my rent money and make you choose - Cum to Me or leave with the RENT MONEY and blue balls. I already know your decision - a stiff prick has no conscience, so you easily choose the JOI. As you approach your orgasm I inform you this will be a monthly arrangement. Quite frankly I'm sick of paying rent and you can't resist my masturbation instructions. This clip contains elements of femdom, masturbation instruction, sensual domination, tease & denial, masturbation encouragement, jerk off instruction, goddess worship, findom, financial domination, female supremacy, joi, sensual, femdom pov, seduction.