Cum for me HomeWrecker Edition


Jasmine Mendez

American / boston
12:43 min - Feb 05 - .M4V - 917.88 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Custom : You are with a man that is married and you are trying to convince him to fuck you and cheat on his wife. You tease him by flashing your legs and ass and giving plenty of up-skirt shots. You take your sexy heels off and start rubbing his cock while he has his pants on teasing him. You eventually get on your knees in front of him and rub his cock with your hands. You rub your booty on him. You then take his pants off and do the same. Feet hands and booty while he wears underwear. You also rub your breasts all over his cock teasing him. You take off your panties and rub your bare booty and pussy on his underwear. You eventually take off his underwear with your mouth/teeth. You do the same again teasing him with your feet, hands, breasts and rubbing your booty and sliding on him with your pussy. You continue to tease and talk dirty asking him to fuck you and begging him to make you his lover. You then tell him you know how you can convince him to make you all his. You rub, slap, play with his cock with your face including your cheek lips and mouth as your continue to tease and edge him closer also using your hand. You finish him off my letting him cum on you while rubbing it into your skin and thanking him for letting you convince him to be with you. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tags: Porn,big ass, pov, big dick, ass, bbc, cuckold, femdom, findom, domination, humiliation, Latina, brown eyes, black hair, hd, ghetto booty, strap on, bdsm, anal, hardcore, extreme porn, extreme femdom, tight pussy, Teen, dominatrix, kinky, Twitter, goddess jasmine, Goddess Jasmine Mendez, Jasmine mendez, female domination, financial domination, cfnm, handjob, ruined orgasm , tease and denial