HUGE Balloons Blow2Pop + Sit2Pop!

2,346 5.0


2,346 5.0
24:15 min - Oct 24 - .WMV - 236.34 MB


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FetishDreams Aug 13 2016

Girl with balloon! What is most beautiful? <3<3<3

jiffypop Oct 25 2014

great video!

maluneri - Top reviewer Oct 1 2015
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Gorgeous and naked girl with a room full of tightly blown huge balloons. The video starts nice with a blow to pop of a gigantic orange balloon with machine and lung power. Then she blows a huge smily balloon while riding another balloon. She eventually puts her entire weight on the blue balloon, only supporting her by holding the pole. She then proceeds by riding and blowing a lot of other balloons very sexily until she stabs every balloon in the room to death. Great blowing and I absolutely loved the riding in this video. The balloons take a lot of abuse, and the girl is extremely sexy. Recommended to all balloon lovers.

gohabs247 Jun 5 2015
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absolutely amazing blow to pops!!

My first balloon video! I've had a bunch of support from the looner community so I decided to make this! I blow up a huge 24 inch balloon with multiple 17'' and 24'' balloons surrounding me. There's Blow-to-pop and sit-to-pop, and I blow some balloon