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Shy Cheating GF Fucks Your Best Friend

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Also available in 4K. In this clip your girlfriend shyly tells you she has a confession - she was home alone and your best friend came over looking for you. She told him you weren't home but invited him in anyway - one thing led to another and he showed her his dick. She was so overwhelmed by how much bigger and thicker it is than yours, that she lost control of herself and let him fuck her over the sofa! Not only that, but his dick was too big for your condoms, and split one in half. Your girlfriend never lets you fuck her bareback, but she apologises as she tells you how she let your best friend fuck her unprotected with his thick cock, and pump her full of his cum, and how much it turned her on. She tells you how she needs bigger cocks to keep her satisfied now and you're going to have to find a way to be happy for her to continue fucking your best friend a LOT more often - maybe you'd like to watch next time? Clip contains: cheating, handjob, fishnets, fishnet, glasses, brunette, eyeglasses, british, english, accent, cuckold, cuckolding, cheating, size queen, big, thick, cock, dick, femdom

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