Toe Biting: Roommate Fight



American / Florida
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Sarah has an important interview to go to and Quin has the car, she's over 45 minutes late. Sarah is so angry and to make matters worse, her feet are her from wearing expensive heels. When Quin finally strolls in, Sarah yells at her, but to Sarah's surprise Quin bites down hard on her finger. Quin pushes Sarah onto the couch and starts biting her toes, she bites every single toe until Sarah starts to cry. Then Quin drags Sarah by her foot across the floor, she sits on Sarah's back and chomps down on the pantyhose clad toes as hard as she can. Sarah is howling in pain, but she sees an opening and kicks Quin to the floor and gives her a taste of her own medicine. The girls struggle and continue their toe biting battle until only one can be declared the winner. Starring Sarah Diavola and Miss Quin GIRL FIGHT - BITING - STRUGGLING - GARTER BELT - HIGH HEELS - REDHEAD - FLIP FLOPS - CRYING - WRINKLED SOLES - BRAT GIRLS