Goth GF Seduces You With Her Body - POV

21:16 min - Feb 04 - .MP4 - 2.19 GB - 1280x720 HD


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In my first POV video, I use my eyes and my body to seduce you into fucking me. I love how your cock feels in my mouth and am so eager to swallow it. I follow it up by getting on my hands and knees so you get to see my adorable heart buttplug (from SpankUToys). It's not long before you slide into my pussy and fuck me hard. Then you have me turn over so you can spread my legs and get a better view of my cunt. I love how hard you fuck me, and you can see my big tits bounce around above my latex corset. Because I love it so much, I get back on my hands and knees to have you from behind again. I finish it up by laying upside down on the edge of the bed while you fuck my face. The scene ends with you blowing your load all over my face until I am a cum-covered mess.