Deeper Into The Red

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Remember the times you browsed the internet purely for your own sexual pleasure? The times in which nobody had any control over you? Those times are long gone. This is no longer about your pleasure. Somewhere along the road you trickled down a very different path.. It just feels so good to let Me take full control of your mind. To relinquish all control over your thoughts, and your actions is blissful. Feel My voice vibrate deep within your mind as I sensually corrupt you. We both know you have no choice. I'm here to manipulate you with My curvaceous body. My big, natural tits and peachy ass arouse you, hard cock but very soft mind.. You WANT to sink deep for Me. Seeing you in such a weak position turns Me on, and it's all about MY pleasure. I'll re-program you into My walking wallet, with no mind of your own. Deliciously mindless, corrupted by My curves, corrupted by My voice. You'll drop even deeper for Me. Deeper into the red.