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Mommy's Special Foot Massage

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Hey honey.. mommy's feet are so tired and sore from work today. Do you think you could give me one of those special foot rubs? Yeah... you know the one that mommy likes! Mmm.... oh sweetie... I love the way your fingers feel on my soles. Just like that.... oh yes... my feet feel incredible. You definitely have the magic touch baby! We both know mommy has the magic touch too... just not with my hands. Mommy's magic touch is with her feet... especially when they touch right... down... here. Look at how hard you are for mommy's feet! Take off your pants, you are going to fuck mommy's sole... her arches... her sexy feet. Mmmm baby, do it, fuck mommy's feet until you squirt cum all over my hot pink painted toes!

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jbyMV23 @jbyMV232 years ago
PLEEEASE make videos of cummy soles with joi and cei. So many slaves would buy this