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Splosh Humiliation Game

5k Views · feb 16, 2019
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We're going to play a game! For this, you will need the following: 1L of oil, 1L of something fizzy (I use cola), 6 eggs, 1L of cake batter, 2 cans of custard, 2 cans of rice pudding, 2 cans of baked beans, 1 tin of condensed milk, a bucket, a marker pen, some underwear, 10 clothes pegs, a banana and some lube. I show you all of this at the start of the video before we find a place where we can both get messy. I roll a dice for each item of food, and if it's odd, you get messy with it. If it's even, I get messy with it. To add to the fun, whoever gets messy then has to do a humiliating forfeit - edging in their mess, pissing themselves, attaching clothes pegs to their genitals - what will the dice decide? If you're very good, you might even get a chance to orgasm at the end. Which one of us will get the messiest? The humiliation aspects of this video are relatively gentle, taking a loving-dominant tone, even if the tasks themselves are unpleasant.

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