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Impregnating My Own Sister Part 2

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I hadn't heard form my sister for a fee weeks and i kinda forgotten all about what we had done. my sister really wanted to get pregnant and wanted me to be her sperm donor so she jerked me off into a sample cum to have my sperm count tested. so i was a little surprise to see her sitting at the kitchen counter when i came out of my room for breakfast. i knew by what time it was that we were alone in the house, mom and dad both have to leave early for work. we made some small talk but i could tell she was supper excited about something and she looked like she was ready to burst. finally she told that my sperm count was super high and she was ovulating to day, i was a little surprised but i recovered quickly and asked if that meant we had to get down to a clinic or something. she laughed and said no, she said that would be super expensive and her husband would surly find out. i asked how we were suppose to do i then and with a big grin she said the old fashioned way! i was grossed out and said there was no way, she told me not to freak out and she would make sure it wasn't weird. she said we would both take our bottoms off, no kissing and we would both leave our shirts on, then i would just slide in and out till i came. i was still saying no but she started begging me to help her save her marriage so i agreed. a couple of minutes later we were both half naked on my bed while she rubbed lube all over my hard dick and cautiously lowered her self onto my dick. once i was wedged deep inside of my sister she stared to bounce, even thought she said she wanted to keep in clinical im pretty sure my sister came quite a few times before i blew my load inside of her! she said she would be back tomorrow to try again! This is part 2 of Impregnating My Own Sister, this series stars Kendra Heart. This is a POV Taboo Milf Cheating Cuckold Impregnation Creampie Sex Scene.

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