JOI Alcoholic Challenge

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Hello dumb loser, welcome back! It's almost Valentine's Day and I'm ready to play a game with you! As always I will turn your brain into mush, follow my instructions and look at me, I know, I am so delicious...You are obsessed with my perfection. Simple rules: Be my puppet and go broke for me. Grab a bottle of your favorite inebriant and of course another bottle of p..0.p..p.3.r.s.! Follow my voice, and let me h/ y/ p/ n/ o/ tize you, jerk your cock for me and prepare your credit card. Oh yes, this is such a funny game! Don't you agree? If you will be a good boy, I will let you cum for me, there's only one condition, you must eat it all! Ahaha Happy Valentine's day! Enjoy!