Sacrifice to Send More to Goddess

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sp3427 - Top reviewer May 7
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After watching this video the first time, I was so motivated to look for any areas where I could make sacrifices so I could send more to my Goddess. She truly deserves everything and there is nothing more satisfying and enjoyable than sacrificing in order to make Her happy.

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I will keep sacrificing to send you more Goddess. Your perfection demands that i forego any luxuries of my own so that you may have more luxuries. Seeing my Goddess Happy makes me happy.

You silly little financial sub in training, you think that you can't send any more to Me. Well, that has never been proven true to Me before. There is always some luxury that you have that you could be giving up to fund that same luxury for Me. Eating out? You could easily have eaten in and sent that money to Me instead. Saying that you cannot tribute means that you cannot sacrifice, and a sub who can't sacrifice is selfish indeed. I promise you, giving something up and sending what you would have spent to Me instead is even more satisfying.