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Toe Socks & Feet Ruin Your Orgasm

2k Views · feb 23, 2019
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Check out my freaking sexy toe socks! When's the last time you've seen a pair of these? I was cleaning out my drawers and found these awesome toe socks straight from the 90's! These were too sexy not to make a video in them so ofcourse, I did! I'm going to get you all hot and bothered with my sexy feet in these toe socks before I strip them off exposing my sexy Princess feet. I'm going to let you stroke the whole time for my sexy feet, too. But in the end, we both realize that you are just too much of a huge fucking loser to cum for my sexy feet so the only thing you are getting from this video is blue balls.... BUT, I am such a nice Princess that I totally give you an "out" at the end of the video. You can cum only if you do as I say... how bad do you want it, loser??

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