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Anal Training PT. I: Butt Plug Love

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I have always wanted to try anal, but I have a big secret--I am an anal virgin. So, that means I have to train my tight little asshole so that maybe one day I will be able to take a nice thick cock in it, but honestly. I really hope you especially enjoy this video especially because I made it a little more personal, with a lot dirty talking and teasing, while you watch me discover my newfound love for butt play. I spoil you in this video with a lot of booty twerking and close up shots of my pussy and asshole, all strapped up in one of my favorite harnesses. I play with both my asshole and pussy, moaning in pleasure and surprise until I cum. PS I am making Anal Training' into a three part clip series following my journey of training my ass hole, starting with something small first and increasing size as the series progresses. Rate and review this video, it would me the world to me, and it helps me a lot! Enjoy~

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vljkseyr2 @vljkseyr24 years ago
Will part two and three of this three-part clip series be out in the next month or two, or even this year or have plans changed on the idea? I know you have been incredibly busy with other content but this is likely one of the most highly anticipated sequels!
SeaBiscuit69 @SeaBiscuit695 years ago
That’s a beautiful asshole