Slutty GF takes all your cum

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Trish Collins

French / France
2,175 5.0
18:02 min - Mar 01 - .MP4 - 1.30 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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That was a hot preview! You got my attention sexy!

barbelithmoon - Top reviewer Mar 1
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Trish Collins never disappoints. Another sexy video, well shot, good audio and a beautiful model.

You’re finally back home, and guess who’s waiting for you, with red lipstick and glamour stockings on ? Your lusty, slutty girlfriend, of course ! You’re barely settling down and she’s already stripping for you, displaying her lovely butt and breast. She then proceeds to give you a very messy blowjob, as you unexpectedly keep on cumming on her lips – she demands more cum, hunger makes her kinkier ! She rides your cock, and can’t stop climaxing; she laughs about being covered in cum, says she loves your cock, and ends up letting you having one last orgasm with her. /// This video contains multiple cumshots and creampies, a bit of dirty talk, close-ups, and GFE; the SPUNK cumlube was not as gooey as I wish it was (it was my first time trying this new toy) but I still hope you will like the vid. The blowjob and last parts are pretty intense. Love. ♥♥