Spoiling a Tall Girl


Jasmine Mendez

American / boston
7:50 min - Mar 11 - .M4V - 562.08 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Custom : I'm a nice beautiful 6ft Glamazon! I love everything about being tall! and look at you, how little you are , how can you live like that? can you reach for things on the counter? You are just so little and insignificant, and always wishing that a tall sexy girl like me would pay attention to you Tiny little midget it's so sad that there's nothing you can do about your height hahaha Now listen up little puny , I'm tall and strong , you're small and weak , I would never never want anything to do with you, now even if you were that last man or should I say half man on earth lol --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tags: Porn,big ass, pov, big dick, ass, bbc, cuckold, femdom, findom, domination, humiliation, Latina, brown eyes, black hair, hd, ghetto booty, strap on, bdsm, anal, hardcore, extreme porn, extreme femdom, tight pussy, Teen, dominatrix, kinky, Twitter, goddess jasmine, Goddess Jasmine Mendez, Jasmine mendez, female domination, financial domination, cfnm, handjob, ruined orgasm , tease and denial