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You have become quite a good little financial sub haven't you? Being such a good boy and sending as you stroke for Me, it feels even better to pay a beautiful manipulative brat before you cum. You love the fact that I have trained you to associate masturbating and cumming with sending to Me. You're such a good boy, thanking Me every time I allow you to stroke, send, and cum in that order. Well today I am feeling exceptionally generous and allow you to cum harder than you have before. That is because you are going to send more than you ever have before. This is not a gentle gradual wallet drain, that was for your training. This time you are going to send one fat and delicious tribute right before you blow your . load. It's going to be more thrilling than anything you've experienced yet. This is where you really have a chance to impress Me and let Me know how devoted you can be. Show Me what a good little finsub you have become, I know you won't disappoint your Goddess.