Small Penis Paypig Rebirth

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You were born with a predicament that you can’t shake off. It’s unfortunate, really, because you can’t help your state of things. It was something you were born with. It’s biological. It’s that tiny little thing that dangles between your legs that you call a “penis.” You call it a penis, when it’s not. You call yourself a man, when you’re not. Why are you not a man? It’s because men have real penises, which you do not have. Yet, you entertain yourself with these delusions. You try to bed women knowing what you’re packing. The fact that you believe you could ever pleasure a woman with what you have is absolutely disgusting, and if you get as far as actually inserting it into anyone, that’s just criminal. So you need to stop. As unfortunate and unchangeable as your reality is, how you deal with it is up to you. I am giving you the opportunity of a rebirth. A new identity. You have something to work with. I know you still love women. You love beautiful women. You want to get closer to them. You want to get closer to Me. Money. That’s your only redeeming quality. Paying is the only way you can pleasure women. Paying is the only way you can make up for your shortcomings. Assume your new identity of “wallet,” and you’ll find that life becomes a lot easier. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: @ThePrincessMiki Website: