Your real life sex doll

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Brea Rose

British / UK
547 5.0
17:33 min - Mar 15 - .MP4 - 2.47 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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jgatz777 Mar 18
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I don’t leave many reviews (shamefully) but Brea Rose’s vids deserve high praise indeed. She is absolutely perfect in this vid! Her performance, costume, angles are fantastic as well as the dirty story through which much can be read. Excellent tease and even a bit of edging before the final blow. Don’t miss this gents... it’s my favorite of hers and sure to be one of yours as well!

Thank you 🙊

MarcB1011 - Top reviewer Mar 16
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So what would a Brea sex bot be like? Hmmm I suppose that the AI would have to include that sweet personality? Ha seriously this is a sexy cute video. This lovely lady can't be anything else but cute, gorgeous and sexy. Awesome body.

Hahaha thank you Marc!!

I am your real life sex doll, I have been created just for you. You have come to pick me up but first, I have to go through the contract with you and of course you get to test drive me to make sure you are happy with the product. I ask my daddy what he would like me to do, I take off my clothes for him and show him how wet and sticky my pussy is, just how he requested. I know I look really youthful just how you asked too. I can see your cock getting harder and ask if I can suck it and show you what else i've been trained to do. I lick, suck and kiss your cock, I keep asking if i'm doing it right and if I am just what you are hoping for. I can tell you are about to cum but I ask if you want to try my pussy first to make sure everything works just right. You fuck my tight young pussy and its not long before you pull out and cum all over me. I am so happy that I have made my daddy cum, i rub the cum all over my body and taste it and ask my daddy if we can go home now.