Krystal Squirts For Her Little Brother



American / California
14:30 min - Mar 18 - .MP4 - 1.62 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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So Krystal gets home and finds her step-brother jerking off his rock hard cock right out in the open. It's her "little" brother but there's nothing little about his long hard shaft. The truth is he wants his big sister to see him stroke his dick. He already saw her pussy and ass naked the day before when she came out of the shower and he has been rock hard ever since. He just doesn't know how to approach her so he decides for the easy way out by whipping out his hard on and stroke it in full view as she steps into the room. Krystal is wierded out but turned on at the same time. What the hell she says and asks him if he wants to see his big sisters pussy. She's ready, he's ready, alls we need is some hot action and a happy ending... for Krystal that is. Golden showers or squirting, call it what you will. Watch Krystal cum for her lil bro.