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Cum For Your Step Sister



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Have you seen my previous video when I squirted my love juice all over the place? Well I don't know about you by my lil bro was wacking off while I was masturbating for him. Which led to me stroking him and then that led to the next episode... I mean I already saw his dick and he saw my vagina, ass and everything so wtf lets take it to the next level. I know I probably shouldn't but I wanted his dick in my mouth. I mean my lil bro has a big dick and it looked so hard I just wanted to take it and suck suck suck. And then after too long he cums in my mouth!! I gotta admit he tasted good and his dick felt soo good in my hand and mouth. I wanna suck him some more!! But what will my step-mom say? I really don't care, but now I can't stop thinking about his dick! Oh well, till next time I guess.
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