Me and Bianca taking loads

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Lukim3 Apr 18 2017

Wish I could have joined with mine. ;)

IM4ANAL69 Jan 9 2017


small1sh Jan 15 2016

Hot clip!

2kool2dance Dec 29 2015
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Hell, I wanna get blown just like that. Spectacular job

Praetorian2016 Dec 27 2015
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Loved it! I highly recommend this video. Grab this one and a couple of her other videos while you're at it, you'll be very happy you did!

Poundtown559 Dec 27 2015
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They sure can suck some dick and take a load in this 1... Hot!

Lickitallday Dec 7 2015
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Very hot video of taylor and bianca taking a load . Aroiusing like all of her videos !!

scrimgeour Jan 31 2018
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Disappointing, you don't actually see them swallow... quite frustrating cause good cumshots!!

Taylor_Made Jan 31 2018

No , its a face cum shot.. Do you have the full video Hun? Don’t really remember a purchase from you

anavgone - Top reviewer Oct 25 2017
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Two hot girls taking place from their guys. First one seemed a bit unexpected, second one from POV, both very hot!

jujian108 deleted - Top reviewer Oct 21 2017
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Not really my thing:-)

Chalkyw3 Sep 2 2017
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there are both naturals and pleasure to watch

LarryB86 - Top reviewer Mar 29 2017
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Super hot vid

AndrewCW - Top reviewer Nov 22 2016
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So incredibly hot. ;)

grin4mycamera - Top reviewer May 20 2016
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Video is sort of awkward, outside of two girls sucking cock, there is little to the video, no much dialogue, shaky camera, even the cum shots are non-remarkable. The best way to describe this particular video is like having a friend tell you a story they are very excited about, then when they realize you are not interested in their story they say "You had to be there..." Video quality is ok (shaky) audio is ok but lacks content.

Shadow_ovo - Top reviewer May 6 2016
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short and sweet ;) hehe

username1091 Apr 23 2016
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What an absolutely amazing clip so glad I picked it up!

frightshark Jan 9 2016
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Wish the camera was a little better positioned for this but it's still a great video! Regardless you get to see them both take great shots. Plus the POV angle is always appreciated.

motoxxx Dec 29 2015
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Both girls get thier mouths filled with cum

mitt34 Dec 23 2015
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Great video. Camera angles sometimes were a touch off, but as someone else mentioned I can understand based on the excitement of the moment. Really solid video and highly recommended.

fixy_1 - Top reviewer Dec 8 2015
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2 beautiful naked women sucking and taking some cum. Enjoyed the video a lot. Camera work could have been a little bit better but I'd have trouble concentrating on a camera while she was blowing me too.

kmlawdog - Top reviewer Dec 5 2015
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Def A Hot Vid And One To Watch. Add This One To Your Collection For Sure !!!!!!

Me and Bianca suck hubby's off until they blow in our mouths on live cam. This video is the ending of same show as the video (A Friend Shares Hubby's Big Cock)
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