Young babe plays with 2 dildos

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Trish Collins

French / France
975 5.0
16:51 min - Apr 05 - .MP4 - 1.21 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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giangaian deleted Apr 9

I really like seeing you play with the black dildo. I'd like to see you have interracial sex!

barbelithmoon - Top reviewer Apr 5
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Wow, what a video! Trish shows off her beautiful body then gets to work, sucking then fucking a pair of dildoes. Very sexy with a beautiful, captivating performer!

So glad you liked it ! ♥♥

B/B/G threesomes – that’s a huge fantasy of mine ! I often lay in bed and masturbate, daydreaming about soft, muscular, hot bodies; either flesh or steel (most often steel I confess – androids are my deepest kink), and these faceless entities have no other purpose than taking care of me and giving me as much pleasure as possible. I shot this vid on a hot, sunny Saturday afternoon; don’t ask me why but I felt so hungry and horny. I figured out I would play with my two biggest dildos, since the urge of feeling thick stuff in my mouth and pussy was so intense… Strangely enough, I ended up being more careless than ever, probably because of the arousal; by careless I mean I didn’t play for the camera, but for ME. And lord, did I love it ! Hope you will like it too. ///// This video contains oily massage, teasing, dildo play, blowjob, dildo riding, doggystyle, close-ups, missionary, pussy pulsations, and a strong climax. ♥♥