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Toilet Break After Swimming

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I've been enjoying my day at the pool but I must have had one to many snacks as my stomach is rumbling and grumbling. It's time for a bathroom break so I go in wrapped in my beach towel over my sexy print bikini and after putting up my towel sit down on the toilet and immediately make a huge fart! I hope no one was outside the door then because they would have certainly heard that one. Then I make a nice and long wet as I've drank a lot of iced tea at the pool. It was hot already so I got very thirsty.You can see that and my nice hairy pussy as well. Hmm now that rumbly is really kicking in and I guess it was more than just gas as it's brownie time! You can hear them splat in the water and almost imagine the smell but this clip does follow all rules on visible brownies so none are shown. Finally I make one more wet(there's all that iced tea again) before flushing and getting up to wash my hands.

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